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Managing Conflict Workshop

Course Overview    

The Managing Conflict workshop aims to resource people so that they may be more effective and successful when conflict surfaces at work.  Participants benefit from a dual focus on both their own view of conflict as well as their primary stakeholders.

Beginning with an examination of what constitutes conflict and why good robust communication processes are vital, attention is then given to building skills and confidence when dealing with this.  In addition to improving both listening and questioning skills, the workshop also explores the importance of identifying verbal, vocal and non-verbal signals and examines different conflictual styles.

The nature of the workshop is highly practical.  Through a variety of experiential exercises and self-assessments, participants learn best-practice techniques and strategies for managing conflict well.  The workshop culminates in the development of individual action plans for participants to act on immediately following the workshop in order to reinforce new skills and understandings gained.

Course Topics

•    The 5 Reasons Conflict Arises

•    Planning for Conflict

•    Improving individual approaches to Conflict

 •   The 3 Step Technique for Escalating for Resolution

 •   5 Practices of Excellent Communicators

•    Recognising and Customising Responses to Conflict

•    Ownership vs Blaming strategy

•    Passive, Aggressive or Assertive Styles

•    Techniques for Written/F2F and Telephone Communications

•    Developing The Right Attitude

•    Establishing and Developing Empathy

•    Promoting Active Listening Skills

•    Perfecting Open Questioning Techniques

•    The 6 step technique for De-escalation

Our Services

Masters of Communication specialises in providing quality interventions and solutions, tailored to meet specific client needs.

We aim to provide our clients with:

•    Increased skills and abilities
•    Greater confidence
•    Higher levels of motivation and productivity!

Our Services:

Our fully customised interventions are tailored to suit the specific requirements of our clients and the existing skill levels of their staff. In both the design and delivery of these interventions and solutions, we aim to provide value by ensuring direct relevancy to clients needs.


Latest Article

It is essential for all good leaders to know how to manage conflict.

The common issue I see is, people ignoring it in the hope it will resolve itself and eventually go away. This has the opposite effect, and just makes it worse.

So why does this happen so often? Why are we afraid to face into the conflict and manage it?

Because of two things;

We are not sure how to manage it effectively

We are not sure how we will be perceived once it is managed


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Our Case Studies are just an example of the types of positive outcomes that occur as a result of the Transformational Change techniques and initiatives that are designed and facilitated to meet your needs.

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