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Masters of Communication specialises in providing quality training services and solutions, tailored to meet specific client needs.

The key focus of our work incorporates ‘meeting the need’ or ‘filling the gap’ to involve creation of individualised solutions involving one on one with a staff member, small group or may involve a specially designed workshop for a specific team or the whole company. The design of a particular workshop evolves from meeting the needs presented - through assessment, performance reviews and appraisals. Converting the gap in the training needs into meaningful actions and achievements, is a particular passion of ours, coupled with our belief that to accelerate learning, people need to be listened to, engaged and motivated. We use humour and technology in our presentation style, which seems to promote enthusiasm, facilitate progress and achieve results. Finally, each new product designed, affords participants knowledge through tailored self assessments, activities and exercises so their learning is experiential and qualitative.

We aim to provide trainees with:

•    Increased skills and abilities
•    Greater confidence
•    Higher levels of motivation and productivity!

The Services:

Our fully customised training is tailored to suit the specific requirements of our clients and the existing skill levels of their staff.  In both the design and delivery of training solutions, we aim to provide value by ensuring direct relevancy to clients needs.


We design and facilitate a variety of workshops for developing people within companies and corporate here in New Zealand.  All workshops are highly experiential and provide participants with new skills and methodologies that they are able to implement immediately after the training to effect change in their work.

Our facilitated workshops include:

Managing Mediocrity

Performance Management

Personal Accountability

Team Building Workshop

Communication Workshop

Communication Skills Workshop

Customer Service Workshop

Emotional Intelligence Workshop

New Sales Workshop

Staff Retention Workshop

Managing Stress Workshop

Negotiation Skills Workshop

Report Writing Workshop

Culture Building Workshop
Communication & Customer Service Workshop

Managing Change in the Workplace Workshop

Turning Managers Into Leaders Workshop

Vision & Goal Setting Workshop


Industrial/Organisational Psychology

We are often called in to work with issues that are commonplace in busy and productive working environments. These include Consulting on:

•    Interpersonal difficulties a team member may have with their Manager/Team member
•    Management struggling to motivate and move a team member/s forward
•    Team leaders not leading their teams to the expected level
•    Issues between two teams within the same Company/Nationwide
•    Mediation
•    Assisting Management to improve their communication with staff.

Other areas of expertise include Attending and Consulting on -

•    Performance reviews, Interviews and Exit Interviews.
•    Team/Group supervision
•    Mentoring of senior/mid level Management
•    Change Management
•    Restructuring

With our involvement common outcomes are:

•    Ongoing interpersonal difficulties resolved
•    Enhanced motivation and attitude
•    Improved internal staff communication
•    Clearer focus and vision by both Management/Team members
•    Greater productivity and profit being experienced

We also provide -

1.    Mentoring and Coaching

We provide a full mentoring service to Companies and Organisations that involve working with individuals at all levels within the workplace.  We clarify strengths and areas for growth, guiding individuals to realise their full potential.  With a clear way ahead, employees experience greater success and productivity in the workplace.

2.    Mediation and Intervention Tools

We analyse and assess specific issues that may be hampering individuals performance or team progress within a company.  We then provide techniques for moving forward, as well as more intensive interventions if required.  This results in individuals gaining clarity and enhanced focus which contributes to a more cohesive working environment.

3.    Communication Techniques and Strategies for Management

We provide one-to-one training in effective communication techniques to enhance the workplace environment.  We help individuals understand themselves and their current style of communicating to see how this may be enhancing or detracting from their performance in the workplace, and offer new skills to increase their success.

Case Studies

Our Case Studies are just an example of the types of positive outcomes that occur as a result of the Transformational Change techniques and initiatives that are designed and facilitated to meet your needs.

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