Sunday, December 09, 2018

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These are the types of workshops Masters of Communication design and deliver for you.

Our unique point of difference lies in our custom design. We simply meet with you to assess where you see the gaps in your training and development programmes, as opposed to offering a training workshop that is already established. This way, your needs are specifically met and your staff receive the ongoing learning and development they need.

Workshop Overview

Managing Difficult People Workshop

Maximising Potential Workshop

Change Management Workshop

Motivation Building Workshop

Sales Workshop

Building Confidence at Work

Managing Mediocrity

Performance Management

Personal Accountability

Team Building Workshop

Communication Workshop

Communication Skills Workshop

Customer Service Workshop

Emotional Intelligence Workshop

New Sales Workshop

Staff Retention Workshop

Managing Stress Workshop

Negotiation Skills Workshop

Report Writing Workshop

Culture Building Workshop
Communication & Customer Service Workshop

Managing Change in the Workplace Workshop

Turning Managers Into Leaders Workshop

Vision & Goal Setting Workshop



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