Sunday, May 26, 2019

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Building Confidence At Work


This workshop is designed to have participants experience more confidence in what they naturally bring to the business arena. The experiential nature of this workshop, creates opportunities for attendees to develop awareness around their self belief and confidence issues. They will experience a variety of exercises and skill based interactions designed to build on their knowledge of what constitutes their thinking, feeling and subsequent behavior in the workplace. Attendees leave the workshop ready and able to interact with deeply felt confidence and self belief at work.


Steps to success                                     

Recognition of what drives us
How to enhance change in ourselves
Confidence in our natural abilities – how to learn the rest
4 steps to keeping self esteem alive in the workplace
Self Confidence at work
Assessing where you are at
Changing from where you are to where you wish to be
3 keys to achieving this
The impact of full mind functioning in the workplace
Strategies to engage right brain functioning
Implementation of skills taught
6 step approach to integrating ‘right mind’ thinking at work


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