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Communication & Customer Service Workshop

Course Overview    

The “Communication and Customer Service Skills” Workshop is designed to upskill individuals in order that they can provide exceptional customer service.  Through a variety of practical, experiential exercises and self-assessments, participants will benefit from the dual focus by developing effective communication skills along with learning best-practice techniques for delivering outstanding customer service.  The workshop culminates in the development of individual action plans to apply immediately in order to re-inforce new skills and understandings gained.

Course Topics

•    The Right Attitude
•    Effective Communication
•    5 Reasons for Communicating
•    Planning for Communication
•    Levels of Communication
•    Appearance and Perception
•    Positive Relating vs Negative Relating
•    What Constitutes Great Customer Service?
•    10 Practices of Best Customer Service Providers
•    What Customer Service Means to You
•    Developing a Customer Service Mission Statement
•    Dealing Effectively with Customers
•    Assessing Your Customer Service Skills
•    Essential Skills for Customer Service Roles
•    Common Customer Service Mistakes
•    Top 10 Behaviours to Cultivate
•    Listening Skills
•    Developing Empathy and Establishing Rapport
•    Valuing the Customer
•    Handling Difficult Customers
•    3 Step Method for when you have to say No
•    Creating the Sounds of Quality
•    Delivering Great Customer Service on the Telephone
•    Creating an Action Plan for Providing Exceptional Customer Service
•    Optional :  The Internal Customer

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