Sunday, May 26, 2019

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Communication Workshop

Course Overview    

The “Communication” Workshop explores the role of interacting in the workplace and its direct relevance in fostering the right attitude and reactions essential for successful businesses in NZ.

Beginning with a self-assessment to determine their current level of Communication awareness, participants complete a variety of experiential exercises and design a tailored, individual plan to increase their Communication skills.  With understanding and knowledge of how to employ ‘best workplace’ Communication, participants are more able to relate and work more effectively with others. They are also more equipped to handle difficult situations successfully. Consequently they leave the workshop with greater knowledge, insight and commitment to excellent Communication in the working environment.

Course Outline                      

•    The significance of i in Communication

•    The importance of perception in Communication

•    5 Ways to enhance Communication at work

•    A focus on the continuum of interchange at work – strategies to develop this

•    How to ascertain what people  really see in you

•    Communication Styles – tools to manage this

•    The A in Attitude – why this says it all

•    The importance of body language – what you are really saying

•    Speaking – how less can be best

•    Listening – The skill of silence

•    Congruence at Work – 4 Techniques to develop yours


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