Sunday, May 26, 2019

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Culture Building Workshop

Course Overview

The Culture of the Company Workshop involves an assessment of how the Company sits right now within its framework. Focus is given to leadership issues that may negatively affect the Culture with strategies taught to counteract this. This is a highly experiential workshop with impetus given to the factors displayed in a culture that is slipping. Through a variety of practical and skill based exercises participants learn an appreciation for the differences, personalities, styles and strengths that contribute to the culture within. They are also able to utilise a full self-assessment on what/how they contribute to the culture as individuals. These results are then woven into an individualised action plan for each person to take away and begin the necessary changes on.

Course Topics

•    The Top 5 Techniques for establishing Workplace Culture
•    Identifying the gaps within the Company’s Culture
•    10 most common mistakes when changing the Culture
•    3 steps to Evaluating your own Company’s Culture
•    Critical Success Factors in working with your Company’s Culture
•    Creating the 4 Keys for effective Workplace Culture
•    Assessing yourself/Management Team to effect  change needed
•    Planning for Change
•    Implementing the Change
•    Pitfalls to Change
•    7 Strategies to overcome Resistance within
•    Effective Relational Tools for effective Workplace Culture
•    Personal Accountability – tips for recognising yours
•    Tools for successful integration


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