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Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Course Overview    

The “Emotional Intelligence” Workshop explores the role of EI in the workplace and its direct relevance in fostering the right attitude and reactions essential for successful businesses.

Beginning with a self-assessment to determine their current level of emotional awareness, participants complete a variety of experiential exercises and design a tailored, individual plan to increase their EI skills.  With understanding and knowledge of how to employ EI, participants are more self-motivated, relating and working more effectively with others, and are better able to handle difficult situations successfully.  They leave the workshop with greater trust, loyalty and commitment for the working environment.

Course Topics    

•    What is Emotional Intelligence?
•    The role and benefits of EI in the workplace
•    The 5 Key Components of EI
•    Self-awareness
•    Internal and External Dimensions
•    3 Steps to Identifying Emotional Responses
•    Congruent Goals and Values
•    Emotion Management
•    The Dynamics of Emotion
•    The ABC technique for Understanding Emotions
•    The Impact of Emotions
•    Strategies for Managing Emotions Effectively
•    Self Motivation - 4 Contributing Factors for Achieving More
•    Utilising Positive Self-Talk
•    The Power of Visualisation
•    Creating the Right Environment
•    Building a Support Network
•    Relationship Management
•    Qualities of an Effective Relationship
•    6 Steps to Building Quality Relationships
•    Improving Relationships with Colleagues
•    Emotional Coaching
•    Role of the EI Coach
•    Qualities of a High EI Leader
•    10 Habits of Effective EI people


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