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Managing Change Workshop

Course Overview    

“Managing Change in the Workplace” is designed to assist leaders to successfully guide their team through major changes at work.  It provides participants with an enhanced understanding of the human response to change along with strategies and techniques to ensure change can be a positive and productive force in the workplace.  Through a variety of practical and experiential exercises and self-assessments, participants learn to gain confidence and feel well equipped to plan and implement changes successfully within their own teams.

Course Topics

•    Differentiating the 2 Types of Change
•    Handling On-going Change
•    Managing Specific Events
•    Identifying 5 Key Areas of Resistance
•    Strategies for Handling Opposition to Change
•    10 Most Common Fears Presented
•    Ways to Counteract and Overcome Obstructive Behaviour
•    Implementation of Organisational “X” Factors for Success
•    Evaluating Your Own Organisation
•    Assessing Individual Attitude and Performance
•    Ranking Your Current Change Climate
•    Critical Success Factors for Managing Change
•    Planning for Change
•    Importance of Internal Communication Strategies
•    Identifying the Needs of Affected Individuals
•    Implementing Changes
•    Understanding the Change Cycle
•    Developing the Change Plan
•    The S.K.I.P Technique for Keeping on Track


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