Sunday, May 26, 2019

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Managing Stress Workshop

Course Overview    

This workshop resources participants so they can begin to recognise the symptoms of stress at an early stage, as well as providing the specific tools to combat that stress. Beginning with an analytical self-assessment, attendees then begin the experiential part of the workshop.
The focus of the workshop is to build skills and confidence so that each person leaves with clarity around the specific nature of the stress they carry and resources to minimise that. An individual ‘stress tool-kit’ with practical and easy solutions to dealing with the stress is worked through. The workshop culminates in an individualised action plan for participants to work on immediately following the workshop, in order to reinforce new skills and understandings gained.

Course Topics                

•    Internal Vs External Stress
•    What happens when we become Stressed
•    Physical Symptoms of Stress
•    The importance of workplace balance
•    Relaxation  - Meditation – Stress Breakers
•    Eustress and Distress
•    Adaptive Solutions to the Causes of Stress
•    Mental Symptoms of Stress
•    Triggers to work with
•    The role of pressure in Stress related functioning
•    Recognising your Stress related symptoms
•    Techniques to work with Stress
•    The Stress Tool Kit  - why this is essential    


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