Sunday, May 26, 2019

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Maximising Potential Workshop

Course Outline

The “Maximising Potential” Workshop explores unique ways to build performance to match potential in key individuals and thus avoid the high cost (both in dollar terms and intangible costs) of ongoing underperformance at work.  Designed for individuals not reaching their full potential, it explores common assumptions and addresses key factors that affect potential performance and ‘actual’ performance.  Using a variety of exercises and self-assessments, participants are challenged to reflect on their performance compared with the potential they have, and are guided through a customised strategy to counter select factors and move them towards being a “high performing individual”.  The experiential nature of this course creates a compelling desire to implement these “Maximising Potential” initiatives in the workplace immediately! 

Course Topics

  • 6 steps to Achieving Potential
  • Maintaining workplace influences to optimum level
  • The impact of Attitude on Potential – Could/Should this impact the performance that’s delivered? What are the hidden issues? Specific ways to handle these 
  • Vision and Goal setting – Two ‘must haves’ when building potential 
  • Being Intrinsically Motivated. A powerful step to achieving full potential.
  • 4 strategies to counter obstacles
  • The role Core Beliefs play in Performance and Potential
  • Self-Awareness–Drivers–Values– The 3 Gold Stars to realising potential.
  • Expected Outcomes – Tools to use in building self-belief.
  • Moving entrenched attitudes to enabling ones. Some creative possibilities explored.
  • Implementation of knowledge – A plan for the future


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