Sunday, May 26, 2019

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New Sales Workshop

This Sales workshop is different. It is exciting and innovative because it focuses on the most important ingredient in the selling process - the people involved, rather than the product or service being marketed.

Although the workshop encapsulates the standard sales model - our primary focus is on the person doing the selling, as opposed to the product or service they are selling. We offer a way of breaking from the ‘if you always do what you’ve always done – you will always get what you’ve always got’ mentality.

In most cases sales staff have comprehensive product knowledge, and believe their product or service to be highly marketable, so rather than promoting that aspect of the sale, the impetus needs to be on the manner in which individual sales staff conduct their interactions. In order to be effective at selling, sales staff need to understand what they are contributing (or not) to the sales process.  This workshop looks at ways that staff sabotage their own ability to sell, and gives them the tools to both recognise and counteract that. With the addition of good interpersonal skills, sales staff are then able to sell to people in a professional and empowering manner.

Workshop Overview

The standard sales process - Incorporating:
Marketing;    Lead Generation;    Qualification;    Sales Proposition;    Sale;    
Service;   Roles and Responsibilities

Understanding Ourselves as Sales People
Assessing strengths, weaknesses and opportunities (both taken and missed)
Drivers to emerging success or failure
Working with intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
Techniques to escalate the right attitude
The essence of motivation and visualisation
Identifying, managing and overcoming our own undermining /obstructive behaviour

The Customer Experience
 What constitutes a “good” and “bad” sales experience
Relationship Selling – Why it is vital and how to do it successfully
Personality Types – Who is your customer?
Developing Trust - Techniques for building great customer relationships
Valuing the Customer in all interactions

Communication Styles
 5 practices of excellent communicators
Techniques for establishing rapport
Empathy as a tool
Active listening skills
Open questioning techniques
Checking interpretation – tips and tricks

Developing a personalised sales goal and mission statement


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