Sunday, May 26, 2019

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Personal Accountability Workshop

Course Overview:    Establishing and Building Personal Accountability

The Personal Accountability workshop investigates the crucial role personal accountability has in the workplace, in terms of liability, subsequent motivation, communication and productivity. This incorporates a range of self-assessment exercises designed to position participants where they need to be - to effect best placed performance at work. Inherent throughout the day is customised, experiential tasks and challenges designed to improve their personal accountability skill set. With increased awareness of their own accountability, participants leave the workshop more congruent, skilled and ready to start back at work fully accountable and proudly so.

Course Topics 
•    The role and benefits of Personal Accountability (PA) in the workplace
•    The 5 Key Components of PA
•    Self-awareness = Movement
•    3 Steps to Identifying/Working with limiting Responses
•    PA Management
•    The Dynamics of PA
•    The Impact of ownership
•    Strategies for Managing PA
•    Utilising Positive Self-Talk
•    Building a Support Network
The following components are added for Senior Management attendees responsible for building Personal Accountability in their teams.

•    Relationship Management          
•    The 4 essential skills to building PA in others
•    PA Coaching
•    Role of the PA Coach
•    10 habits of effective PA coaches  
•    Creating an Accountable Environment


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