Sunday, May 26, 2019

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Staff Retention Workshop

Course Overview    

The “Staff Retention” Workshop explores unique ways to keep key staff and thus avoid the high cost (both in $ terms and intangible costs) of losing important members from your organization.  Designed for managers and leaders, it explodes common assumptions and addresses key factors that affect employee satisfaction; from company culture to leadership styles and behaviours.  Using a variety of exercises and self-assessments, participants are challenged to reflect on their own situations, and are guided through designing a customized strategy to counter select attrition factors and move them towards being an “employer of choice”.  The experiential nature of this course creates a compelling desire to implement more successful staff retention initiatives in the workplace immediately!

Course Topics    

•    Why Staff Retention Deserves Your Attention
•    Attrition Factors – Why Staff Leave
•    What makes an Employer of Choice?
•    The Role of Corporate Culture
•    Creating an Appropriate Environment
•    Establishing Effective Induction Processes
•    Implementing Employee Recognition Programmes
•    Join a Company, Leave a Manager
•    Qualities Managers Need to Develop
•    Determining Employee Expectations
•    Matching Retention Initiatives to Individuals
•    The Role of Exit Interviews


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