Tuesday, November 13, 2018

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Vision & Goal Setting Workshop

Course Overview    

The “Vision and Goal Setting” Workshop focuses on harnessing right-brain thinking, combined with cognitive process to assist participants in focusing clearly on their goals and how to achieve them.  Suitable for both individuals or teams, it encompasses skills and a methodology that enable participants to activate the untapped power of their minds as they prepare an innovative strategy to ensures success in their workplace.  The practical, skill-based exercises and experiential nature of the course assists participant to clearly articulate their vision, define it in a specific and measurable way, and plan the key steps needed in order to achieve it.  Both practical and highly motivating, this powerful workshop creates a palpable excitement enthusing staff to take greater personal responsibility and ownership of projects as they achieve results quickly.

Course Topics    

•    Establishing a Vision
•    2 Fundamental Foundations
•    Understanding your true Business Focus
•    Engaging the Mind
•    Setting a Goal
•    Differentiating the Goal from the Vision
•    5 Specifics of Goal Setting
•    Identifying Personal Motivators
•    Overcoming Obstacles
•    Unmasking Internal and External Inhibitors
•    Identifying Issues and Mitigating Risks
•    Developing the Action Plan
•    The GAP Methodology for Successfully Achieving Goals
•    Staying on Track – Measurement Techniques
•    Implementing the Mindset Tool
•    The 3-Step Attainment Method
•    Affirmation Techniques
•    Verbal and Practical Applications
•    Reap the Rewards

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